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Betancuria has had a chequered past.   Founded in 1405 by the invading Jean de Bethencourt, it was ransacked by pirates in the 16th century.    The church was rebuilt by 1691 and the village, then the centre of a thriving agricultural community in a fertile valley, was the island's capital.    Gradually over the decades the abundant fresh water supply from the surrounding hills declined, the population moved away and Betancuria lost its status as Fuerteventuras capital
in 1834.

Nowadays the picturesque village attracts tourists with the impressive Santa Maria church having pride of place.    The quaint surrounding streets now house tasteful craft shops and cafes in which to just sit and enjoy the quiet peaceful atmosphere.     The museum on the main street has a large collection of archaeological finds and is well worth a visit.

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Front terrace and spa Village nestled in the hills Front terrace and spa Santa Maria church Dining area in the octagon Main door of the church>

En-suite of master bedroom Old well in the town's outdoor museum Main lounge of Casa Topaz Church and square Main lounge of Casa Topaz Enjoying the local hospitality

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