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It must seem rather strange to devote a whole page to the subject of sand - but Fuerteventura has rather a lot of it !!!   
There are the sand dunes just south of Corralejo, the man-made beaches of
Calete, the long stretches of flat sand of
the Jandia peninsular and the small
coves of mainly black sand on the western coast.

It is a common assumption that Fuerteventura's sand has been blown across from the nearby Sahara.   However, this is unlikey to be true.   Saharan sand is mainly crushed rock in the form of silica and is the type blown across by Calimas only to settle on our patios and in our pools.   The almost white sand of Fuerteventura is, on the other hand, made from the skeletons of countless
marine life formed into calcium carbonate over many millions of years.   Close examination can reveal tiny fragments of shells.   The black sand in the west is formed from the volcanic rocks to be found thereabouts.

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Front terrace and spa Sand dunes in the wind Front terrace and spa National Park south of Corralejo Dining area in the octagon Black sandy coves on the West

En-suite of master bedroom Risco del Paso Main lounge of Casa Topaz Jandia before the building boom Main lounge of Casa Topaz Lagoons at El Cotillo

Betancuria Campanario Christmas El Cotillo Sand Windmills